Habibah Story dates back to 1947 when

Al-Hajj Mahmoud Habibah embarked on a business journey

What has been launched as a business trip in 1947 by Hajj Mahmoud Habibah, owner of this unique edifice and also as a vision which has overcome difficulties-turned now into fascination to more than 400 persons who meet together to make a difference.


In Habibah, this is more than merely an objective, it is our

We are here in order to provide the best and most

distinguished taste and flavor to people today and to forthcoming
generations. From Nablus, Haj
Mahmoud Habibah began his professional career as an ambitious young man with an
exceptionally wide vision seeking guidance that took him to a shop at Bab Al
Khalil in Jerusalem where he learned making Eastern Confectioneries. Here, he
discovered thereafter his fascination by and talent at making the dish favorite
to the majority of people (i.e., Kunafa), and then sought to develop his own
recipe which has become on demand by all for its distinguished and unique

our Branches